Passionate, enthusiastic? All the best people are.
Interesting? Well…

But such objective descriptives don’t let you know a person, what makes them tick.
You want to know about me. 

Which of those less traveled roads do I journey on? For sure.
My inspirations? Of course.
My goals? Naturally.
My opinion? Maybe. But that is what you’ll get.

I am a 25 year old student of Conservation Biology, from a background in Information Systems.
To me, our single greatest issue for the regeneration, protection and conservation of the natural world is the need for a change to the industrial, globalised agricultural system, to which we rely. I am exploring, learning from and aiding in the research of alternatives to this system. Hoping to combine the need for local, resilient communities & economies with intensive regenerative agriculture, aquaculture and the rewilding of our land. Ultimately I believe we need to use our innate ability to manipulate and learn from nature to restore the damage done since the beginning of this interglacial period while providing a solid future for our civilisation.
Hopefully through this blog I can enlighten, entertain, maybe ruffle some feathers and give some insight into me.


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